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our story

Following the successful concept of Amsterdam steak restaurant De Nachtwacht (the grand master), Peter Smorenberg and his business associate Joyce Lieven have opened the Amsterdam restaurant Grill Bar Venus & Adonis (the apprentice).

Venus & Adonis is a particular restaurant in the heart of the Jordaan. She owes her name to the painting Venus & Adonis, painted by Rembrandts apprentice Ferdinand Bol. The influence of De Nachtwacht can partially be found in this sturdy, elegantly and eclectically styled restaurant, where you are also most welcome for a drink at the bar.

Our shared dining concept is most exceptional! The dishes are served on a wooden board in the middle of the table, so they can be shared.
Even if you come alone, you will not have to be alone! You can either pick a seat at the bar or at the large ‘greet & meet’ table. Alone and yet together!


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Visiting Venus & Adonis guarantees a warm welcome and thoughtful service in a pleasant and special ambiance. The details, the interior and styling are to be called contemporary and distinctive (design: Marico Mulders) and contribute to an enjoyable evening.

Tijdens de feestdagen zijn wij alleen gesloten op 1e kerstdag. Alle andere dagen gelden de reguliere openingstijden voor onze keuken. Vanaf kerstavond t/m Oud & Nieuw serveren wij een speciaal 3- gangen menu naast ons à la carte menu.
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